Power May Corrupt, But Only By Heightening Existing Personality Traits

Even "power posing" or standing with confidence can increase testosterone and lower stress. We often think of power as something that reveals character. And that's true — experts have found that it doesn't corrupt us, rather, it heightens our pre-existing personalities. Overall, the impact can be positive or negative. It depends in part on each person. Because a power surge can also short-circuit an otherwise healthy brain. Here's what the science tells us. Power — and even feeling powerful —

The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion

High heels are worn by tens of millions of women every day — but the style started with men. Same deal for the color pink. Wigs, silk stockings? Fashionable with the Founding Fathers in the 18th century. Time and again, you find a fluidity in fashion: What was once "manly" might be considered feminine today, and vice versa. High heels are a prime example. Their origin is function, not fashion. During the 15th century, Persian soldiers wore high heels for support in their stirrups as they shot a

Straight Edge: The Subgenre That Turned A Counterculture On Its Head

No drinking, drugs or promiscuous sex. An iconoclastic approach to punk rock still resonates with fans. Straight edge was born of rebellion against the hardcore punk scene of the 1980s, flipping the notion of counterculture on its head. It all started with a 46-second song titled "Straight Edge" released in 1981 by the band Minor Threat in Washington, D.C. It advocated for no drugs, no alcohol and no promiscuous sex. A new kind of rock 'n' roll that soon caught on. Minor Threat frontman Ian Mac